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Københavns Historiske Fægteklub, Tøjhusmuseet (Foto: Søren Strandby)

Sword & Buckler

Københavns Historiske Fægteklub, Nationalmuseet (photo: Hermann Krøis)

Longsword tournament 2013

Københavns Historiske Fægteklub (photo: Nikita Gavrilovs)

Coat of arms

Københavns Historiske Fægteklub

Sparring and short staff techniques

Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen Denmark 2012

Fechtschule - Marxbrüder & Federfechter.

18th Century, Germany


Paulus Hector Mair : MS Dresd. C93 anno 1550

Longsword techniques: Durchlaufen & Abschneiden

Mscr Dresden C487 p23 (Codex Döbringer) 1389

Latest news

New 2015 training schedule
19 Jan 2015
We have update the training schedule. Mondays are now closed, and a new day for training has been added (Thursdays). New schedule

Military sabre planned for fall 2014
24 Jun 2014
For fall 2014 we plan a military sabre class. Only limited spots. Sign up now in advance: hemacph@gmail.com

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